California continues to be a leader on all issues that have affected our nation. Our state and district is the most diverse, most forward thinking, most committed in the union thanks to our state and federal leaders. 

Now that the 2016 Election is over, State Democratic Party Delegates have an incredibly unique opportunity to drive conversation of the national party and get us back on the path to victory for our country's future. We've got a lot of work to do, and I am committed to ensuring that we refocus our efforts on the issues that matter, collaborating with my neighbors in the 39th Assembly District, and making sure that our party continues to represent our diverse area, and getting our party to fall back in love with fighting for the issues that have made our party great: Criminal Justice Reform, expanding healthcare, protecting women's rights, building on clean energy initiatives, educating and acting on what science says about climate change,  bolstering education opportunities for families, and raising the national minimum wage. 

 Democrats need to fight smarter and harder. Here are areas where I think we need to focus on:

  • Community Development & Transformation by engaging every resident and neighbor in the process of shaping party policy and recruiting new leaders to build a stronger party bench. 

  • Boldly encouraging our party leaders and elected officials in our state to be the leaders in overturning Citizens United and restricting money in politics, because that's what continues to plague the governing process.

  • Working with party leaders to push for policies that continue to create jobs and increased wage opportunities by ensuring that California residents and businesses can partner to build a better, stronger economy. The #FightFor15 is a necessary step to making sure Californians have livable wages that ultimately helps our overall economy. 

  • Working with our party leaders to protect our LAUSD public school system and expand higher education opportunities by pushing our elected officials to fight for federal dollars to increase teacher salaries, ensure all students have all educational resources, and an opportunity to go to a university, community college, or technical college without fear of going into debt. 

  • Ensuring community safety by working with party leaders to keep the pressure on city and state leaders to keep California residents safe from policies that are intended to tear families apart, ostracize our friends, and restrict care to those who need it.